A trip to North Little Rock Zoo

zoo picture 2018

Looking for something family friendly to do in Arkansas try going to the Little Rock Zoo? This is a great weekend opportunity to get out of the house. Living in Arkansas I have always heard of the zoo in Tennessee. I guess no one likes the one in Arkansas but Stefan, Darlene and I ended up going and we had a lot of fun. Besides, it being like 1,000 degrees outside.

zoo picture 4 2018

The drive to the zoo only took half an hour from Little Rock AFB and when we go there the admission was reasonably priced. It was $3 for parking and $10 for military admission. For a weekend trip, it is a very reasonable price.

The first thing we saw when we went into the zoo was a bird exhibit. To feed the birds it is $1 cash. At this zoo the bird exhibit you were basically inside their habitat so they were flying around freely.

zoo picture 2 2018

We also took pictures all throughout the zoo and of course next to the gorillas (my favorite animal).

Sadly, they did not have my husbands favorite animal which is a wolf. If it was there we did not see it anywhere.

zoo picture 3 2018

The last thing we saw before going to the gift shop was the penguins and they were outside trying to cool off. Poor penguins I did not expect to see them outside in all that heat from the sun!

zoo picture 5 2018

And finally, we bought a few items from the gift shop for memories. Of course, I got a shirt with a gorilla face on it. Stefan got a wooden bear decoration that is about 1 foot tall. The last thing we got was a fridge magnet to remember our adventures here at the Little Rock Zoo in Arkansas!

Comment below your nearby zoo’s and what you like about them!

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Final Girls Who Code Meeting for 2017-2018

if you have been following along in the GWC journey posts you would have seen that I have been volunteering at a local middle school to promote the Girls Who Code after school program. I decided to do this because I wanted to give back to the program that helped interest me in coding.

Now in this post, I want to share what our final day was like in the Girls Who Code afterschool club. Before this day came I gave the students a two-week reminder of when our last meeting would take place. I decided to do this to allow them to tell me what they would like to see included in our last few meetings.

The students loved this idea of participating in the decision making and threw out multiple ideas. After polling up to the votes we decided that on our last days we would do more get to know me activities while doing summer related activities and talking about their futures. It is so interesting to hear my students talk about where they would like to be after high school or after college as I know we change when we get older and our minds shift and mature.

So on our second to last day, we had Slime Day! Where, yes…..we MADE OUR OWN SLIME! slime GWC pictureIt was so much fun and everyone was engaged and just like in our coding activities we talked about what we expected to happen, what actually happened, if we were to do this activity again what would we do differently. I really like to get students to think rather than just state only what they are observing. I think it applies in all aspects of life as in yes you could have had a bad day but was it really a bad day or was it a bad start to the day or a bad lunch hour? Everything that we do gives us an opportunity to think creatively and imagine what-ifs that are beneficial to the situation. That is a little off topic but I liked that they were doing more than stating the current situation and thinking about even the process of making slime because I think that is something that can help them our in life not even just coding.

Also, I again want to state that I enjoyed running this program this year with my students. Most of my students will be graduating middle school or continuing their education at a different middle school. I haven’t decided yet if I will do it again next year or if I will try something else. Anyways thank you all for reading up on the journey and hope you enjoyed!



Girls Day #1

This weekend I was invited by my friend Darlene to come and hang out with some new girls I haven’t met.

Here is a picture of all of us:

This is when we were on the way to the outlets! After going to McCain mall. But we never actually made it to the outlets because of me my ankle for some reason just stopped cooperating and we ended up driving to an Asian market instead to prepare for the Korean BBQ & Super Bowl.

Then we went to go eat some sweets called Bundt cakes in Little Rock Arkansas. It’s a small little cake shop with no seating. P.S They should think about expanding because we would’ve liked to eat inside. But anyways the cakes are so moist and just enough icing too.

Then we went over to get pedicures and manicures.

The lady who serviced us Esmeralda and Ou at Beyond Nails and Spa in Little Rock Arkansas were so funny. They were also very welcoming and friendly the service was great.

And to top it all off they offered us complimentary drinks so I got some wine because I’m classy lol.

All in all I met new friends and we all had fun getting to know each other and getting to have a Girls Day out!


Hope you all had a good weekend !!!


Staying Busy in Arkansas

Lately, I have been trying to go out more. I went out to treat myself by getting my nails done at Nails Perfect. I just randomly decided that I wanted to do something for myself and this is what I chose so it was a Tuesday or Wednesday night and I drove down to it. The owner was very welcoming and the place itself was very clean and pretty so already I was enjoying my experience and I hadn’t even sat down yet. Since I am in the military I can no longer get like a lavender purple or try out different colors. Nail colors have to be natural, “nude”, colors or french manicure. I decided to go with a french manicure. The French manicure always looks simple yet professional and you can’t go wrong. I was even offered a free gift I believe because we are rolling into the holiday season which was really sweet of the owner. It is a cuticle scrub that smells really good. When you get gifts you have to come back lol so I will definitely be back there soon.

Also if you ever want to check them out here is their facebook page which will provide you with their location and hours: Nails Perfect

I also decided to go to a meet and greet event that was on base for the Airman. It was a fun experience met a couple young ladies that I found to be pretty nice. One of the girls is trying to start up her own side gig with Mary Kay so we did a Mary Kay party which was fun and included a lot of laughing.


Then for the past two weeks, I have been going to football games to watch my squadron kick some butt! We won our game today and I believe we won last time too. My friend Simpson is actually playing on the team while Liz (remember her from Papito’s post) and I watched and supported. It was a bit cold while we were out there we both got goosebumps. Lucky for me she brought out some popcorn and this coconut flake snack that was good.

Some things I am looking forward to are going to a pumpkin patch and dressing up as a zombie to advertise for some haunted houses and haunted trails so look forward to seeing some posts about those soon!

Comment below if there are any events you are looking forward to!


He left me </3

I’m sorry I haven’t posted lately. Life has gotten a little stressful. I mean, what do you do when someone you love leaves you? No, he did not leave me exactly, he had to go on an emergency TDY. He called me that Friday morning, the morning they told him that within 72 hours he will be sent away to help with some of the world’s natural disasters. He told me how he just found out some news and his supervision said he will be gone for about two or three days, currently, now it’s going on two weeks…

I guess this is just my way of saying I have a newfound appreciation for the time and how important it is and for technology for being the tools I can use to keep contact with him. I also thank God and the people who reached out to me at church who keep him in our prayers.

He has always had this inner passion to be a hero. For him, this was his calling but was it at the wrong time? I did not want him to go. I know it is not the end of the world but some days it feels like it. I’m not going to lie sometimes I cried. Some nights its so bad I cry myself to sleep. I have been trying to keep busy, get involved in my community and such, but it’s hard. And I don’t think it will get any easier.


Let’s get Artsy !

Feeling a little artsy?  I decided to paint with my boyfriend recently. Whenever your feeling creative or need something to preoccupy yourself try painting! We did it while our soup cooked, that way we could still stir it every few minutes without having to look into the deep hot soup that we know we can’t taste or we will burn our tongue off. (Too much?…okay)

To get this painting project going we gathered a couple things: paint brushes, a plastic cup to wash out the paint brushes, water color paint, water color paper, and our imagination.

Here is a picture of his painting on the top.


Here is a picture of my painting on the bottom.


All in all we had fun and will be painting at least twice a month together, everyone should try it. It is fun, relaxing, distracting, and calming. Also feel free to post your masterpieces on the fridge too.

Comment below what your favorite things are to draw or paint!

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Habitat For Humanity

Volunteering is something that everyone should take a chance to do at least once. You might find that you really enjoy helping others and one day can start a non-profit organization. Some of you might find that uhhhh its not as fun as you thought but then I would just suggest trying out a different volunteer opportunity. Volunteering is honestly as fun as you make it. I would also suggest inviting your boyfriend or girlfriend and other friends because it helps the time pass by faster if the volunteer activity is requires physical labor.

The last volunteer opportunity Stefan and I took advantage of was August 1 2017 from 0800 to 1100 we were apart of the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store! You can see pictures on my Instagram account linked in the about me page or just view the pictures below!

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The way that Habitat for Humanity works is that the houses they build are 100% from donations. The employees are paid through the efforts of the Re-Store which is basically like a thrift store items are donated and then sold to the public to pay the salaries of the employees so that houses can still be built for those who can’t afford one.


Appreciate Everything

As some of you read earlier I was down in Miami on leave from the Air Force. Another reason that I was there was because my dad had been working on my car and it was running smoothly right up until the time I came to get it. Life is like that sometimes. I wasn’t worried about it initially but as the week passed by and my dad poured so much of his time into this car, I was worried that either we didn’t understand the immediate problem to the car of why it could not drive or the way we were tying to fix it was not working. Ever do something and it like dang it still doesn’t work ? Then somebody else comes over and for some reason the way they did it, now it works. Sometimes we need a different approach to the problem we have already identified.

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When I came down to Miami on leave my first thoughts were spending time with my family and friends. I realized how much I could appreciate my families presence. I finally get it now when you don’t live with your family that’s when you finally start to miss them. (Just kidding!) Being in Miami gave me a chance to unwind. I also enjoyed being able to see a few close friends from high school. I went to the beach , ate donuts , explored a new museum, went to eat out at Duffy’s for the First time, went to Rapids water park, and celebrated some birthdays. I did a lot down in Miami but I was so busy I didn’t even get to see all of my friends but its okay because there will be other moments in time when I can do that. It seems like as I get older I am realizing you have to make the most of every situation. Everything will not always be as expected so that is why we have to make the most out of everything.

Comment below and tell me some of the things you appreciate!