A trip to North Little Rock Zoo

zoo picture 2018

Looking for something family friendly to do in Arkansas try going to the Little Rock Zoo? This is a great weekend opportunity to get out of the house. Living in Arkansas I have always heard of the zoo in Tennessee. I guess no one likes the one in Arkansas but Stefan, Darlene and I ended up going and we had a lot of fun. Besides, it being like 1,000 degrees outside.

zoo picture 4 2018

The drive to the zoo only took half an hour from Little Rock AFB and when we go there the admission was reasonably priced. It was $3 for parking and $10 for military admission. For a weekend trip, it is a very reasonable price.

The first thing we saw when we went into the zoo was a bird exhibit. To feed the birds it is $1 cash. At this zoo the bird exhibit you were basically inside their habitat so they were flying around freely.

zoo picture 2 2018

We also took pictures all throughout the zoo and of course next to the gorillas (my favorite animal).

Sadly, they did not have my husbands favorite animal which is a wolf. If it was there we did not see it anywhere.

zoo picture 3 2018

The last thing we saw before going to the gift shop was the penguins and they were outside trying to cool off. Poor penguins I did not expect to see them outside in all that heat from the sun!

zoo picture 5 2018

And finally, we bought a few items from the gift shop for memories. Of course, I got a shirt with a gorilla face on it. Stefan got a wooden bear decoration that is about 1 foot tall. The last thing we got was a fridge magnet to remember our adventures here at the Little Rock Zoo in Arkansas!

Comment below your nearby zoo’s and what you like about them!


Girls Day #1

This weekend I was invited by my friend Darlene to come and hang out with some new girls I haven’t met.

Here is a picture of all of us:

This is when we were on the way to the outlets! After going to McCain mall. But we never actually made it to the outlets because of me my ankle for some reason just stopped cooperating and we ended up driving to an Asian market instead to prepare for the Korean BBQ & Super Bowl.

Then we went to go eat some sweets called Bundt cakes in Little Rock Arkansas. It’s a small little cake shop with no seating. P.S They should think about expanding because we would’ve liked to eat inside. But anyways the cakes are so moist and just enough icing too.

Then we went over to get pedicures and manicures.

The lady who serviced us Esmeralda and Ou at Beyond Nails and Spa in Little Rock Arkansas were so funny. They were also very welcoming and friendly the service was great.

And to top it all off they offered us complimentary drinks so I got some wine because I’m classy lol.

All in all I met new friends and we all had fun getting to know each other and getting to have a Girls Day out!


Hope you all had a good weekend !!!

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Travelers Game

I went to my first baseball game! I was volunteered to help out at the local baseball game in the downtown area. I worked the concession stand helping customers order hot dogs, BBQ nachos, soda’s, etc to enjoy the game. I got to work along my shop members as well. Even though I did not see much of the game I still had fun and enjoyed the fireworks later that night! I also walked away with a neat souvenir cup.


Comment below some of your favorite activities or events to go to! Hopefully next time I will actually order a hot dog and get to enjoy the game too!

Adventures · volunteer

My Dog At the Animal Shelter

When I was growing up I almost always had a pet whether it be a rabbit, a dog, or fish. Now I can’t have a pet where I live because the only ones allowed are small fish, which I will end up getting anyway but you can’t have a pet that you can’t actually touch, am I right? I prefer to have a pet that can bark at me when he wants attention. My friend told me about this Animal Shelter in Arkansas called Jacksonville Animal Shelter. At this animal shelter they specialize in caring for rescue dogs. The other pets that they have are a variety of dog breeds and cats. Volunteers between middle school through high school are what they cater to. Which is great because if your child says that they want a pet you can see how they do with a dog at the animal shelter first or even if they aren’t allowed to have a dog. They also have a huge grassy area for the dogs to play and roam around.


Enjoy these pictures and video below!



Welcome to Arkansas!


Finally after nearly 7 months, I have made my way to becoming “Permanent Party” in the Air Force. My first assignment in the military is Little Rock AFB in Jacksonville, Arkansas. I never paid much attention to Arkansas. When I first found out I was coming to Arkansas I was disappointed. I joined the Air Force for adventure, that meant traveling all over the world to places like Japan, Ireland, etc. All these far places I thought I could get to but they decide to put me state side.

Arkansas is known as being the natural state. From what I have experienced here it eludes to the way that nature is carefully preserved. There are many beautiful outdoors parks. From Hot Springs National Parks to Pinnacle Mountain State park. I think one special thing I have noticed is how the scenery is so different. The scenery is similar to Miami, Florida where I am from in the terms that it can get pretty humid and hot. As far as the landscape and the environment there is a larger variety of trees and plants here.

As far as what there is to do here the area is between city like and suburban there are areas where there are straight houses up and down the road that have huge yards. There are also places like McCain Mall Shopping Center which offers a small mall with at least a couple great choices as far as stores go. The mall has francesca’s, Zumies, JCP ,etc.

Comment some things about the place you live! Is it humid like Florida? Is it still cold in May like Colorado?