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SCORE Volunteer Position: First Impression

During these summer weeks my Girls Who Code Students have graduated the school year and moving on to bigger and better things. I am proud of all of them and even hope to cross paths with them again one day. With that being said I now have more free time to focus on one of my other hobbies, entrepreneurship.

group hand fist bump
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I was looking for volunteer opportunities in my area and came across one that was definitely unique from the rest. First impressions are that I have never seen a volunteer opportunity that had anything to do with entrepreneurship skills. Most volunteer opportunities that I see involve serving food to the homeless, volunteering at a children’s hospital, tutoring at a school, etc. With most of these, I have learned skills that I also apply with my job now. I enjoyed every volunteer position I ever took and each one has taught me something different or added on to shaping my character. I say that because if you are thinking about volunteering know that you can try out multiple! Just be careful not to try and do them all at once, I know how exciting! but overwhelming that can be.

The SCORE volunteer position from my understanding is a group of people who are willing to mentor small business owners. Now everyone does not have experience in mentoring, let alone how to mentor a business owner in that case, you yourself will receive a mentor to teach you how to do it. I think an awesome aspect of this is that most people, if not all the mentors actually have a self-started business as well. The mentors are speaking from experience and dealing with the current market themselves. Also for people who don’t have the experience to mentor a buisness you can use your hobbies and skills to help these businesses as well. For example, anyone who wouldn’t mind fixing a church’s computer for free could offer some services for them for a problem that could’ve been more costly and time-consuming. SCORE is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help those with small businesses. It also says on their website that they are partnered with SBA, the Small Business Association.

I am writing this to inform more people about this opportunity and if it is something that interests them, I dare them to take a chance and make a difference in their small business community.


A trip to North Little Rock Zoo

zoo picture 2018

Looking for something family friendly to do in Arkansas try going to the Little Rock Zoo? This is a great weekend opportunity to get out of the house. Living in Arkansas I have always heard of the zoo in Tennessee. I guess no one likes the one in Arkansas but Stefan, Darlene and I ended up going and we had a lot of fun. Besides, it being like 1,000 degrees outside.

zoo picture 4 2018

The drive to the zoo only took half an hour from Little Rock AFB and when we go there the admission was reasonably priced. It was $3 for parking and $10 for military admission. For a weekend trip, it is a very reasonable price.

The first thing we saw when we went into the zoo was a bird exhibit. To feed the birds it is $1 cash. At this zoo the bird exhibit you were basically inside their habitat so they were flying around freely.

zoo picture 2 2018

We also took pictures all throughout the zoo and of course next to the gorillas (my favorite animal).

Sadly, they did not have my husbands favorite animal which is a wolf. If it was there we did not see it anywhere.

zoo picture 3 2018

The last thing we saw before going to the gift shop was the penguins and they were outside trying to cool off. Poor penguins I did not expect to see them outside in all that heat from the sun!

zoo picture 5 2018

And finally, we bought a few items from the gift shop for memories. Of course, I got a shirt with a gorilla face on it. Stefan got a wooden bear decoration that is about 1 foot tall. The last thing we got was a fridge magnet to remember our adventures here at the Little Rock Zoo in Arkansas!

Comment below your nearby zoo’s and what you like about them!

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Final Girls Who Code Meeting for 2017-2018

if you have been following along in the GWC journey posts you would have seen that I have been volunteering at a local middle school to promote the Girls Who Code after school program. I decided to do this because I wanted to give back to the program that helped interest me in coding.

Now in this post, I want to share what our final day was like in the Girls Who Code afterschool club. Before this day came I gave the students a two-week reminder of when our last meeting would take place. I decided to do this to allow them to tell me what they would like to see included in our last few meetings.

The students loved this idea of participating in the decision making and threw out multiple ideas. After polling up to the votes we decided that on our last days we would do more get to know me activities while doing summer related activities and talking about their futures. It is so interesting to hear my students talk about where they would like to be after high school or after college as I know we change when we get older and our minds shift and mature.

So on our second to last day, we had Slime Day! Where, yes…..we MADE OUR OWN SLIME! slime GWC pictureIt was so much fun and everyone was engaged and just like in our coding activities we talked about what we expected to happen, what actually happened, if we were to do this activity again what would we do differently. I really like to get students to think rather than just state only what they are observing. I think it applies in all aspects of life as in yes you could have had a bad day but was it really a bad day or was it a bad start to the day or a bad lunch hour? Everything that we do gives us an opportunity to think creatively and imagine what-ifs that are beneficial to the situation. That is a little off topic but I liked that they were doing more than stating the current situation and thinking about even the process of making slime because I think that is something that can help them our in life not even just coding.

Also, I again want to state that I enjoyed running this program this year with my students. Most of my students will be graduating middle school or continuing their education at a different middle school. I haven’t decided yet if I will do it again next year or if I will try something else. Anyways thank you all for reading up on the journey and hope you enjoyed!



Getting started learning how to invest #1

I want to take a journey or shall I say adventure with all and start investing. There are a lot of things that I do not know about investing as I have never invested in more than a mutual fund account that I created when I was 19. Even then, I was just learning about mutual funds. Now I have taken the time to save up a few dollars and decided that I am risk adverse enough to take the plunge into using this money to understand more about how money works. I mean who wouldn’t want to learn about how to make money work for you. I want to document my experience and share what my goal is and what I have accomplished or failed at. I am no expert but every day that I learn more I am smarter than the girl I was yesterday. I also want to do this to show anyone who is thinking about it and kind of looking for some mentorship or someone also in the new environment that it doesn’t have to be daunting. We can figure this out together.

Comment below some of the ways you have tried investing your money!

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Girls Who Code Post 3

GWC students met to create background scenes for mystery video game they are creating from Scratch & create a short presentation on inspirational leaders within the tech industry.

The student’s overall goal is to create, as best they can, a mystery game with some form of coding. Due to school systems regulating all websites and not allowing students to download other programming languages to learn with, I had to research many websites to code on. The first step though was to teach the art of pseudocode. This is where you get a piece of paper and as best you can plan out what you want your code to do. This helps to get students mind into thinking about each line or step that the code will have to take to get the sprites in Scratch to interact or move across the background. Scratch is an MIT coding program that is free to the public. Better yet it is also a website that is not banned for the school students!

The goal of this was to have the students start applying learned skills such as running into coding challenges and coming up with solutions to overcome them.


The second half of the meeting students were tasked with the project of finding inspirational leaders within the technology industry. Each student took the time to gather a short presentation to share with the other students what was most inspiring about the person they chose and how it can motivate them to pursue things that might look challenging in their future.

The second goal of this meeting was to help build confidence within the students by having them present out loud, find common ground amongst each other with what can motivate or inspire them, and awareness to other role models that they can now find interest in.

Hope you enjoyed reading about this project & thanks for reading!




Chicken Soup for my Cold

If you didn’t know I am not a great cook. I know how to make pasta and mash potatoes and that’s about it. Even then when I used to set them on the table for my siblings to eat, they would look at it like “I know our mommy did not make THIS” ! By that point, I had to threaten them to eat it. (haha!) Anyways I’m not really that good at it. This past weekend I attempted to make something I would actually like to eat, Chicken Soup, and I’ll share the experience with you.

Chicken soup in the pot

Materials (Grocery Items) :

4 Chicken Legs

3-5 Chicken Broth Cubes (depends on taste)

Salt & Pepper to taste

4 stalks of Celery

1 bag of Baby Carrots

3 potatoes

1 can of cut green beans

1 can of Diced Tomatoes (Oregano, basil flavor)

(Kitchen Items):

1 large pot- preferably around a 6quart size

Stove (I have been watching a lot of minimalist TV and they all don’t have stove tops so just want to let you know it’s required.)


Cutting Board


Can Opener


  1. Defrost chicken
  2. Using the large pot add water to fill the pot halfway (approximately 4-6 cups).
  3. Heat one eye on medium-high heat ( number indicator being a 7) & place the pot with water on top
  4. Add the chicken to the pot and set a timer for 20 min
  5. While the chicken is cooking it is time to chop up that celery
  6. Rinse the celery & the bag of carrots
  7. Place the rinsed carrots in a bowl
  8. Chop up celery with your cutting board and knife to your desired shape and set aside in the same bowl as the carrots
  9. Chop up potatoes with your cutting board and knife to your desired shape and set aside in the same bowl as the carrots & celery
  10. After 20 minutes has passed I usually take off the parts of the chicken that are floating at the top with a spoon
  11. Now time to add the 3-5 Chicken Broth Cubes
  12. Add the celery and carrots and potatoes to the broth
  13. wait 25-35 min and turn stove heat to medium ( number indicator being a 4)
  14. Use a fork to see if it will go through the potatoes in the broth if it goes through please proceed to the next steps if it does not cook for 15 more min at a time
  15. Now the soup is almost complete yay! phew all that work. Now use the can opener and add the Cut Green Beans and Diced Tomatoes.
  16. now enjoy! and if its nasty well all I have to say is practice makes perfect !

Chicken soup


I love eating this soup especially when I am sick. It has plenty of vegetables and I am drinking my fluids at the same time. I hope you enjoyed making this soup as well and enjoy!

Comment below any soups that you enjoy and maybe you can help me increase my cooking knowledge!



The Power of Investing in Yourself

Investment is usually a word reserved to describe putting money away in the effort of making a financial gain. However, investing can apply to anything that you find worth it. A person can invest in much more than the stock market. A person can choose to invest in themselves.

However, countless times people are burned out by giving too much of themselves to something. It shows commitment but a lack of priorities.

The only way to be the best most efficient person is to put yourself first. There is this book I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiosaki. He is known for his financial principles but if you realize it he is saying it goes much deeper than that, it all goes back to ourselves. We need to be capable of dreaming to dream of possibilities. We need to be taking care of our bodies to be in a position to take action when the time comes. We have to be thinking before the questions are ever asked of us.

He has a principle called paying yourself first. Take care of yourself first. If you have a job that is physically demanding and a deep tissue massage will restore you to 200% again. Take it, because that’s what it takes to achieve the best working version of yourself. Same applies to a mother of 5, you can’t be the best mom the best wife without being ready to take on the day.

Comment below some of the ways that you pay yourself first!


Amazon Delivery

Today I am here to go over a new Amazon purchase. I was in the kitchen talking to my husband about what I recently just got in the mail and my husband’s friend was on the phone with him and she was also intrigued by the purchases I made. (At least someone was listening to me lol jk).

If you don’t know I am in the military and I purchase so many items on Amazon because I do not always have time to go buy them in the store on my Full-Time schedule. As honestly most people on a full-time schedule it is easier to save time by just ordering on Amazon so you can spend more time doing what you actually like.

So honestly in this Amazon purchase, I ordered quite a bit of things. Just to run down the list I got an Instant Pot, a wolf print shower curtain, a box of assorted cookie snacks, Eco Styler gel, Denman brush, Stylist Sprayers Atomic Spray, and a Bankers Box Decorative (organizational box with compartments).

instant pot

I got the Instant Pot because I have been watching the GottLove Youtube channel and they showed it and my husband and I enjoy steamed vegetables and we suck at making rice. So a kitchen appliance that can help us with cooking seems very convenient for us.

I got the wolf print shower curtain because that is Stefan’s favorite animal and it’s important to me that our apartment feels like our space and he liked it as well.

assorted cookies

I got the assorted cookie snacks because this is necessary to get through busy work days. Sometimes breakfast is missed and this will be the backup support or just a little hungry still after lunch.

hair products

I got the Eco Styler gel, Denman brush, and Stylist Sprayers Atomic Spray because these are necessary for me to get my hair to slick down into a low poof ball bun type of thing. I might make a video on how I do this but I was having a hard time getting my natural hair which is like type4something to lay down and become more “tamed” for military standards and what not. The gel never cakes up and trust me I apply sooo much of it. The brush is the only one that actually gets through all my hair and about every 6 months I get a new one. Now the Spray is one I saw once and then when I came across it on Amazon I was like “oh yes!” I have to get this and when I got it I was thoroughly impressed. It is like a mist of water on your hair. Also when you pull the trigger or lever that it has it continues to spray more of a mist. I like this because when I spray water on my hair it is generally going to be a couple sprays so this helps my fingers from becoming tired of spraying before I have even begun styling my hair.

Comment below with some of your recent Amazon purchases!


Girls Day #1

This weekend I was invited by my friend Darlene to come and hang out with some new girls I haven’t met.

Here is a picture of all of us:

This is when we were on the way to the outlets! After going to McCain mall. But we never actually made it to the outlets because of me my ankle for some reason just stopped cooperating and we ended up driving to an Asian market instead to prepare for the Korean BBQ & Super Bowl.

Then we went to go eat some sweets called Bundt cakes in Little Rock Arkansas. It’s a small little cake shop with no seating. P.S They should think about expanding because we would’ve liked to eat inside. But anyways the cakes are so moist and just enough icing too.

Then we went over to get pedicures and manicures.

The lady who serviced us Esmeralda and Ou at Beyond Nails and Spa in Little Rock Arkansas were so funny. They were also very welcoming and friendly the service was great.

And to top it all off they offered us complimentary drinks so I got some wine because I’m classy lol.

All in all I met new friends and we all had fun getting to know each other and getting to have a Girls Day out!


Hope you all had a good weekend !!!


I went off-Road

Off-Road refers to no roads to follow. It’s exciting because it is a bit like life. There are concrete roads that can give us certain destinations, but what about when we look for something more or different? Off-roading is that example, it is where few people venture out which makes it all the more fun. If you haven’t noticed by now, I am not afraid of taking risks.

off road

Comment below some of the risks you’ve taken that have positively affected your life?