Who is Stephenson-Shipp ?

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Hey! I’m Annette Stephenson-Shipp from Miami, Florida I attended the University of West Florida as a Computer Science Major. I completed two years and did not receive my degree (just being honest). Now one of my greatest achievement would have to be being apart of the United States Air Force.  My future plans are to go to make more impact in my local community. I would like to create programs that make a difference in the world.

With this blog, I hope to capture all of my weekend adventures, show you how to manage life on the daily, show how you can be helpful in your community, and inspire others by mentioning and talking about influential people and what they have done for their communities.

My current volunteer positions include volunteering with 3-5 middle school students with the Girls Who Code Program. This year the students decided they would like to create a mystery game. Personally, I have never created a game so I am interested in the challenge.

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Want to collaborate email me at nettynet101@gmail.com with the subject: Let’s Collaborate!


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