A trip to North Little Rock Zoo

zoo picture 2018

Looking for something family friendly to do in Arkansas try going to the Little Rock Zoo? This is a great weekend opportunity to get out of the house. Living in Arkansas I have always heard of the zoo in Tennessee. I guess no one likes the one in Arkansas but Stefan, Darlene and I ended up going and we had a lot of fun. Besides, it being like 1,000 degrees outside.

zoo picture 4 2018

The drive to the zoo only took half an hour from Little Rock AFB and when we go there the admission was reasonably priced. It was $3 for parking and $10 for military admission. For a weekend trip, it is a very reasonable price.

The first thing we saw when we went into the zoo was a bird exhibit. To feed the birds it is $1 cash. At this zoo the bird exhibit you were basically inside their habitat so they were flying around freely.

zoo picture 2 2018

We also took pictures all throughout the zoo and of course next to the gorillas (my favorite animal).

Sadly, they did not have my husbands favorite animal which is a wolf. If it was there we did not see it anywhere.

zoo picture 3 2018

The last thing we saw before going to the gift shop was the penguins and they were outside trying to cool off. Poor penguins I did not expect to see them outside in all that heat from the sun!

zoo picture 5 2018

And finally, we bought a few items from the gift shop for memories. Of course, I got a shirt with a gorilla face on it. Stefan got a wooden bear decoration that is about 1 foot tall. The last thing we got was a fridge magnet to remember our adventures here at the Little Rock Zoo in Arkansas!

Comment below your nearby zoo’s and what you like about them!

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