The Power of Investing in Yourself

Investment is usually a word reserved to describe putting money away in the effort of making a financial gain. However, investing can apply to anything that you find worth it. A person can invest in much more than the stock market. A person can choose to invest in themselves.

However, countless times people are burned out by giving too much of themselves to something. It shows commitment but a lack of priorities.

The only way to be the best most efficient person is to put yourself first. There is this book I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiosaki. He is known for his financial principles but if you realize it he is saying it goes much deeper than that, it all goes back to ourselves. We need to be capable of dreaming to dream of possibilities. We need to be taking care of our bodies to be in a position to take action when the time comes. We have to be thinking before the questions are ever asked of us.

He has a principle called paying yourself first. Take care of yourself first. If you have a job that is physically demanding and a deep tissue massage will restore you to 200% again. Take it, because that’s what it takes to achieve the best working version of yourself. Same applies to a mother of 5, you can’t be the best mom the best wife without being ready to take on the day.

Comment below some of the ways that you pay yourself first!

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