Amazon Delivery

Today I am here to go over a new Amazon purchase. I was in the kitchen talking to my husband about what I recently just got in the mail and my husband’s friend was on the phone with him and she was also intrigued by the purchases I made. (At least someone was listening to me lol jk).

If you don’t know I am in the military and I purchase so many items on Amazon because I do not always have time to go buy them in the store on my Full-Time schedule. As honestly most people on a full-time schedule it is easier to save time by just ordering on Amazon so you can spend more time doing what you actually like.

So honestly in this Amazon purchase, I ordered quite a bit of things. Just to run down the list I got an Instant Pot, a wolf print shower curtain, a box of assorted cookie snacks, Eco Styler gel, Denman brush, Stylist Sprayers Atomic Spray, and a Bankers Box Decorative (organizational box with compartments).

instant pot

I got the Instant Pot because I have been watching the GottLove Youtube channel and they showed it and my husband and I enjoy steamed vegetables and we suck at making rice. So a kitchen appliance that can help us with cooking seems very convenient for us.

I got the wolf print shower curtain because that is Stefan’s favorite animal and it’s important to me that our apartment feels like our space and he liked it as well.

assorted cookies

I got the assorted cookie snacks because this is necessary to get through busy work days. Sometimes breakfast is missed and this will be the backup support or just a little hungry still after lunch.

hair products

I got the Eco Styler gel, Denman brush, and Stylist Sprayers Atomic Spray because these are necessary for me to get my hair to slick down into a low poof ball bun type of thing. I might make a video on how I do this but I was having a hard time getting my natural hair which is like type4something to lay down and become more “tamed” for military standards and what not. The gel never cakes up and trust me I apply sooo much of it. The brush is the only one that actually gets through all my hair and about every 6 months I get a new one. Now the Spray is one I saw once and then when I came across it on Amazon I was like “oh yes!” I have to get this and when I got it I was thoroughly impressed. It is like a mist of water on your hair. Also when you pull the trigger or lever that it has it continues to spray more of a mist. I like this because when I spray water on my hair it is generally going to be a couple sprays so this helps my fingers from becoming tired of spraying before I have even begun styling my hair.

Comment below with some of your recent Amazon purchases!

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