I’ve been MIA

First off Happy New Years! It is so crazy that 2018 is already here.

happy new year 2018 group picture
Happy New Years! 2018!!

I know recently I haven’t been posting as much because so much in my life has been going on and now I want to share a little of what it all was. I could literally say everything but then this post would look to be about 10 billion words long because THAT much has happened. Work, family in town, sick, moving, are a couple of the things that have been keeping me so preoccupied.

Being in the Military full time makes time management essential. Then imagine working full time and having overtime every day as well. That’s kind of what happened to me for a little over a month. Working full time plus overtime gives no proper time to handle all the other responsibilities in life that need to be taken care of.

Also I recently just got the opportunity to spend time with my family as they traveled through Arkansas and Colorado for a skiing vacation. I’ve missed them a lot and was happy to get to spend time with them, even though the majority of the time I was sick. We spent most of our time catching up in the hotel room laughing and joking around. To end the vacation we went to a restaurant that I have featured on this blog before, Papitos.

I’ve been so sick lately. I was in the ER twice within the same week. Yeah, I’ve been feeling that bad. I was recovering from virus-like symptoms and then hypothermia-like symptoms and my body were so under the weather all the while I continued a normal work schedule. I also didn’t want to contaminate my friends so I had to wear this all the time, plus it helps with all the wind on my face.

friend is a ninja

In the process of moving. Stefan and I have recently left the dorm life on base and are living in a house for a month and a half before we move into our apartment. Since we have been living here temporarily it is as if we are living out of suitcases and boxes because there is no need to unpack everything for such a short duration of time.

Also big news! I got married! I will do a Questions and Answer Post so that you get to meet my husband and get to know him a little better.

So much has changed over what seems like a short timespan and sometimes it seems as if so many unpleasant occurrences happen back to back but I will say that the past month there are also some good things that happened.

Tell me about a time when life got so frustrating and when it seemed to finally be passing over you realized a few good things may have happened at the same time!

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