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Staying Busy in Arkansas

Lately, I have been trying to go out more. I went out to treat myself by getting my nails done at Nails Perfect. I just randomly decided that I wanted to do something for myself and this is what I chose so it was a Tuesday or Wednesday night and I drove down to it. The owner was very welcoming and the place itself was very clean and pretty so already I was enjoying my experience and I hadn’t even sat down yet. Since I am in the military I can no longer get like a lavender purple or try out different colors. Nail colors have to be natural, “nude”, colors or french manicure. I decided to go with a french manicure. The French manicure always looks simple yet professional and you can’t go wrong. I was even offered a free gift I believe because we are rolling into the holiday season which was really sweet of the owner. It is a cuticle scrub that smells really good. When you get gifts you have to come back lol so I will definitely be back there soon.

Also if you ever want to check them out here is their facebook page which will provide you with their location and hours: Nails Perfect

I also decided to go to a meet and greet event that was on base for the Airman. It was a fun experience met a couple young ladies that I found to be pretty nice. One of the girls is trying to start up her own side gig with Mary Kay so we did a Mary Kay party which was fun and included a lot of laughing.


Then for the past two weeks, I have been going to football games to watch my squadron kick some butt! We won our game today and I believe we won last time too. My friend Simpson is actually playing on the team while Liz (remember her from Papito’s post) and I watched and supported. It was a bit cold while we were out there we both got goosebumps. Lucky for me she brought out some popcorn and this coconut flake snack that was good.

Some things I am looking forward to are going to a pumpkin patch and dressing up as a zombie to advertise for some haunted houses and haunted trails so look forward to seeing some posts about those soon!

Comment below if there are any events you are looking forward to!

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