Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science in Miami


(Picture standing on one of the top floors of the museum)

Since I have been in the Air Force I have had so many things back home change. New signs have been put up, other signs taken down, many businesses have closed while many others have just started. So of course while I was down there I had to visit the New Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science.

When I was younger I can’t tell you how many weekends I spent at the Museum of Science & Planetarium. My father loved to get out of the house as my mother would put it and one way he would do this is by taking us to this museum. We were basically regulars at this museum sometimes seeing the same exhibits for 4 times before we noticed a new one that was introduced. Well now all the way into my adulthood I still enjoy going to museums. Museums create a space where learning is about; what can you can discover today? You can go to a museum and visit one exhibit and learn so many new things or you can go to all the exhibits and come back the next day and see how much more there was still to learn.

The exhibits as always are very nice. Educational yet not boring and dull with the content. I was happy to see that while to museum grew in its scale it did not loose how interactive it had always been. That is personally something that I enjoy when going to museums and not every museum is able to do that. It is one thing to show me a picture of a sea urchin, it is another to let me explore that habitat and maybe get to pet a few sea critters and this museum allows that. Secondly, the staff were all very welcoming and happy. I did not see anyone who looked like they did not enjoy where they were working and to be of service to others as they asked for information. Thirdly, another perk if you are in military or a veteran is that you plus 4 others get to enter the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science for free!

Definitely go and checkout the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science! I enjoyed my experience and hopefully you will too! Comment below some of your favorite Museums and where they are located!


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