Lets Get Productive!

Monthly Planner, Journal, Goal Planner

Today we are going to talk about the ways we call become more productive. It’s not just you it is me too. I can’t tell you how many times I struggle with just waking up early because I don’t feel like it. It is not that I do not feel blessed to wake up but waking up deals with the pressure of making the new day just as productive if not more than yesterday. Who else feels like this gives you pressure?

But how about when the day is winding down? I find that the part of the day I enjoy the most is when I have actually had a productive day and I get to get in my bed and wind down for the night. But doesn’t it feel so much better if you actually did have a productive day? It does!

I went to Micheal’s, the Arts&Craft Store, the other day and purchased the first three tools to help combat our problem.

Journal (left) & Goal Planner (right)
  1. Goals Planner: It is easier to move closer towards our goals if we outline the reasons why we are making it our goal. It makes goals more personalized giving us a greater chance of achieving them. This is something that helps me reach goals faster.
  2. Journal: This helps to jot down ideas, develop ideas, and write thoughts.
  3. Monthly Planner: This is where we write down all the things that are pretty much consistent for example bills, chores, and exercise days. Knowing when everything should get done on a monthly planer allows for the budget to take less surprises, the house chores not to become chaos, and the body to stay in shape.


More things to get productive include:

  1. Setting a specific time to sleep and wake up helps the body get into the routine that is best.
  2. Eat regularly. I know this sounds ridiculous but so many times we forget to eat on these days we get super busy running errands or just getting so focused in our work we forget to eat.
  3. Share your plans with friends and family. Don’t worry about the comments they might share that seem counter productive but focus on the advice they share and let them share their plans as well. It could give you an idea of things that might be worth changing.
  4. Listen to motivational speeches. This is something that I do every night. Today we don’t have to get all our motivation from a mentor but we can find it for our self on YouTube. Plus its free and you can listen to some really good ones as they are needed.


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