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My Dog At the Animal Shelter

When I was growing up I almost always had a pet whether it be a rabbit, a dog, or fish. Now I can’t have a pet where I live because the only ones allowed are small fish, which I will end up getting anyway but you can’t have a pet that you can’t actually touch, am I right? I prefer to have a pet that can bark at me when he wants attention. My friend told me about this Animal Shelter in Arkansas called Jacksonville Animal Shelter. At this animal shelter they specialize in caring for rescue dogs. The other pets that they have are a variety of dog breeds and cats. Volunteers between middle school through high school are what they cater to. Which is great because if your child says that they want a pet you can see how they do with a dog at the animal shelter first or even if they aren’t allowed to have a dog. They also have a huge grassy area for the dogs to play and roam around.


Enjoy these pictures and video below!



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