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Welcome to Arkansas!


Finally after nearly 7 months, I have made my way to becoming “Permanent Party” in the Air Force. My first assignment in the military is Little Rock AFB in Jacksonville, Arkansas. I never paid much attention to Arkansas. When I first found out I was coming to Arkansas I was disappointed. I joined the Air Force for adventure, that meant traveling all over the world to places like Japan, Ireland, etc. All these far places I thought I could get to but they decide to put me state side.

Arkansas is known as being the natural state. From what I have experienced here it eludes to the way that nature is carefully preserved. There are many beautiful outdoors parks. From Hot Springs National Parks to Pinnacle Mountain State park. I think one special thing I have noticed is how the scenery is so different. The scenery is similar to Miami, Florida where I am from in the terms that it can get pretty humid and hot. As far as the landscape and the environment there is a larger variety of trees and plants here.

As far as what there is to do here the area is between city like and suburban there are areas where there are straight houses up and down the road that have huge yards. There are also places like McCain Mall Shopping Center which offers a small mall with at least a couple great choices as far as stores go. The mall has francesca’s, Zumies, JCP ,etc.

Comment some things about the place you live! Is it humid like Florida? Is it still cold in May like Colorado?


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